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FontAwesome 5 Pro and Free Json CheatSheet

The FontAwesome 5 cheatsheet is not up to date, I created a gist to reference the icons for the Free and Pro versions. FontAwesome 5 Pro Json CheatSheet FontAwesome 5 Free Json CheatSheet If you want to generate a different file, here is also a much more complete json that you can parse yourself: FontAwesome […]


PHP Script To Copy Files Recursively With Options

This script will help you copy files and folders from one location to another, recursively. For each file or folder you can have copy options. Here is an example conf file : :: GitHub File :: [/etc/php/cacert.pem] keep_existing = 1 [/etc/nginx/nginx.conf] keep_existing = 0 backup = 1 [/etc/nginx/sites-available/default] keep_existing = 0 backup = 1 [/etc/nginx] […]

How To Edit ini & conf Files With Shell Scripts

I wrote some scripts to help editing ini files and conf files while reinstalling my servers. The script is able to process multiple files at once and will add or edit the parameters you want automatically. the configuration file looks like this : :: GitHub File :: [_www.conf] original = /etc/php/5.6/fpm/pool.d/www.conf keep_comments = 0 keep_empty_lines […]


Unity3D – Tips when building your game with an Editor script

Here are some basic tricks when you need to build your game by code. First you can launch a build process with a single line of code, for example : [MenuItem(“Exoa/Build/Android”)] public static void PerformBuildAndroid() { string fullPath = Application.dataPath.Replace(“/Assets”, “/”) + “_BUILDS/android/build.apk”; // Build Game BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(allScenes, fullPath, BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows, BuildOptions.None); } For Android Then you […]

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Real Time BigData Visualization

  Here is one of my personal projects about data visualization. My goal was to render different real time data sources in a 3D environment. You can download the windows release here to try it out !   The real time attacks globe is using the Norse Intelligence Service that continuously monitors the networks for […]